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Hand-crafting our Table Pads

The composition of the Unique Folding Table Pads has been perfected over many years of research and development. We are confident we now offer a perfectly designed piece of craftsmanship.

Each pad has a soft, felt cloth as a base which is gentle on the polished table surface. Upon this sits several layers of insulation topped with a high grade leatherette.

The pad is approximately 9mm (3/8") thick and is heat resistant to 100°C which tests have shown is sufficient for all practical purposes in the home. The sides of the pad are strongly bound and sewn completely through their thickness making the finished product strong and durable.

Unique Table Pads can be used to cover all household surfaces including dining tables, sideboards and cabinets. Table pads are also used to protect commercial surfaces including desks, workstations and boardroom tables.

The pads will be produced in folding sections based on your order specifications. The position of the folds will vary depending on the size of the surface to be covered.

No section can exceed 81.3cm (32") in width but can be made to any length with the appropriate number of folds and sections.

Dining Room Table
Board Room Table

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