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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do you re-open?

A. We are closed for an indefinite period due to long term staff absence. We plan to re-open in due course, and will be pleased to respond to your enquiries then.

Q. How thick is a Unique Folding Table Pad?

A. Approximately 9mm.

Q. The website says heat resistant, what it the highest temperature it can withstand?

A. Unique Folding Table Pads have been tested up to temperatures of 100°C.

Q. My table is an unusual shape (more complicated than an oval or rectangle), would I still be able to use a Unique Folding Table Pad?

A. Our table pads are made to the exact dimensions of your table. The best way to tell us about a complex shape it to make a template using one of our free measuring packs.

Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. Yes, there is a minimum order for our table pads. Currently (March 2018) the minimum order is £100.

Q. Is VAT included in the price?

A. VAT is not charged on the sale of Unique Folding Table Pads, as Goodes (UK) Ltd is not registered for VAT.

Q. Can you ship abroad?

A. Yes we can but the cost of this varies depending upon destination and size of pads. Please email enquiry@uftp.co.uk for details.

Q. How long does it take to produce a set of Unique Folding Table Pads?

A. We make each Unique Folding Table Pad by hand to your bespoke requirements. There are many steps along the way and we need to ensure to get each one just right to reach the high standards we pride ourselves on. The standard lead time is 8 weeks, but may be longer during busy periods.

Q. Does a Unique Folding Table Pad come as one piece or several?

A. The pads are made in several pieces depending on the size of your table or surface. If you have an extendible leaf in your table, a separate pad would be made so it can be used when the leaf is out and stored away when it's not.

Q. Is there a maximum size?

A. Our machinery is 32” in width so it would be impossible to make the pads any larger. It would also become very difficult when it comes to sewing and handling. We will make your Unique Folding Table pads in sections to cover your whole table. This also makes them easier to store away in our specially made canvas bags.

Q. Can I have a different coloured felt and binding to the leatherette?

A. Yes. Just be sure to mention this upon requesting your quote.

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We are currently closed until further notice, and will respond to quotes when we reopen

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